Modern Voice News focuses on independent and conservative news and information not represented by mainstream liberal media groups. Our goal is to insight independent thought and counter point of views through multiple distribution channels to the droning centralized left propaganda media companies pushing their message from on-high as gospel.

There were more independent and opposing views up until the mid 80s due to FCC regulations banning TV, Radio, media companies from owning multiple entities in the same markets. Today, this is not the case. In most markets massive companies like Comcast, Cox, ClearChannel, TimeWarner own digital, print, TV, radio and content all pushed from liberal leaning groups through their distribution channels, with no opposing or alternate view. The internet is the only free open exchange of ideas, but these groups are attempting to limit free speech by changing access by breaking net neutrality and restrictions through content filtering (censorship).

The FCC should re-implement regulator requirements and break up companies like Comcast, Google and TimeWarner to provide greater voice to citizens and insight independent thought again.

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