This is a Chess Game in Play and who is going to WIN?

7/24/13 – Anthony Weiner ‘Carlos Danger’ is under investigation for Sexting a 15 year old Girl. Anthony was married to Huma Abedin ( Hillary Clinton’s Aid / Lawyer and Clinton Foundation Pasts Employee). Huma Abedin has ties to Saudi Arabia and Muslim Brotherhood.

5/16/16 – Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton interviewed by FBI for private email server, devices and missing emails. Huma was playing two roles Hillary’s lawyer and defending herself. FBI granted immunity to Abedin and others without anyone prosecution. FBI guaranteed they would destroy Abedin’s laptop after investigation. Massive amounts of email / information was missing

7/7/16 – FBI Director James Comey Testifies in Front of Congress and Republicans not satisfied with the level of investigation performed by FBI and wanting to continue the investigation. Internal Civil War breaks-out inside of the FBI over evidence and not prosecuting or sending to grand jury. FBI moved forward in other cases with less evidence.

8//29/16 – Huma Abedin files for divorce from Anthony Weiner

9/22/16 – FBI seizes Weiner’s devices/computers, which accidently includes shared devices by Abedin, including 350,000 emails and 10,000s of .gov emails in the metadata. Comey asked DOJ Loretta Lynch for warrants to inspect the contents of the messages, however DOJ Loretta Lynch stonewalls and refuses to issue warrant with the elections weeks away.

10/7/16 – @WikiLeaks Podesta emails start flowing, US Citizens see corruption first hand and gross corruption of the Clintons making the DOJ/FBI look bad and tarnishing the images of both agencies for poor investigation and prosecution.

10/28/16 – James Comey, walking on the edge of a razor, is NOT allowed to investigate the emails that have been in possession for weeks. In order to prevent violation of election laws by FBI flexing authority before an election influencing the outcome of an election, Director Comey complied with previous Congressional order to bring any new evidence forward to Congress. He did this in form of a letter, however could not present the body of the evidence because of DOJ Loretta Lynch.

10/29/16 – Director Comey’s action opened Pandora’s box, however it FORCED the Warrant Issue back into DOJ Loretta Lynch hands to comply with the FBI request to review the emails found on Abedin’s shared computer. Congress is now involved and  DOJ Loretta Lynch is on the hook for Obstruction of Justice.

More to come


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