Recent Democrat challenges to voters registration laws, along with liberal judges recently overturning laws passed by elected officials in North Carolina to inject election fraud into the 2016 election process.

The recent move by the Obama administration to place DHS / Homeland Security in charge of the National Election process and have UN oversight is another example of premediated actions to defraud the electoral, not to mention violates the United States Constitution. This is like asking the Fox to guard the Hen House.

Joseph Stalin – Father of Communism said:

“It’s not the people who vote that count. It’s the people who count the votes.”

In recent past we have seen Obama and Democrats disenfranchise American Citizen’s votes again and again.

  • Acorn – Massive voter registration fraud across country
  • Military Personnel Disenfranchisement – Not providing required registration stations and loosing and not processing 10000s of 2012 military personnel ballots prior to the election to skew the outcome
  • Telling democrats to vote multiple times in different districts ( ide checks )
  • Deep corruption, no trust and direct lies in the Democrat party (Schultz,  Clinton,  etc).
  • Pushing for illegals immigrants to vote (non-citizens)
  • Pushing to give convicted felons voting rights (corruption)
  • more..

If Obama/DNC is pushing for oversight and transparency it’s because they want to violate the American trust and steal the election. The recent move to have DHS/UN oversight violates US Constitution States Rights and 230+ year election process in the United States into a DHS centralized model (appointed by the Obama Administration), see Joseph Stalin.  The corruption in the Obama administration is grossly apparent by the State Department and Department of Justice (DOJ) on the mishandling, obfuscation and gross incompetence of the Clinton investigations and information dissemination.

This is same strategy was used in Venezuela and Brazil to steal elections from citizens and create a more socialist government.  Democrats and republicans alike should be furious over this tactic.

To lean more on the current DHS/UN Issue. Click Here



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