Earlier this year a whistle blower at Facebook exposed Facebook Trending was manipulated by members of the editorial team to remove conservative topics while replacing them with less desirable non-trending liberal topics, like Black Lives Matter, skewing the true trending results. Trending topics drive large audiences to post.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, confirmed the problem and invited conservative media representatives to the Facebook Headquarters where he personally would address the issue. He reflected the Editorial Team’s personal bias was impacting the objectiveness of Trending topics. Facebook would like to be viewed as news delivery platform and truth and transparency is paramount to ensure credibility. Mark said he would address the issue in the near future.

This week Facebook released the entire Editorial Team and replaced it with an automated trending algorithms to take the human factor out of trending. Liberal groups are upset with the action because of the injected liberal bias in previous trending history.  The results in future conservative trending topics will be the measurement the algorithms are neutral in their reporting.

Additional technology companies such as Google, Twitter and been found to be doing the same but have yet to address the issue.

To learn more about the Facebook Trending News, read Techspots report




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