CNN (owned by Time Warner) liberal news network is totally backing the Clinton Campaign. Long term monitoring of CNN Website Front Page news stories finds massive liberal bias against Trump with limited to NO coverage of Clinton (or buried down the page).

Most recent:

  • 12 Stories on Trump (mostly negative)
  • 1 Story on Hillary (puff piece on weight)

CNN has no coverage on the following massive Hillary scandals:

  • 15000 Missing Emails
  • Scrubbed Email Servers
  • Clinton aid ties to Extremism & Sariah Law
  • Clinton Pay to Play Scandal
  • Clinton Global Imitative
  • Transparency in the Clinton Foundation and Corruption
  • Justice Department and FBI Cover-up for Clinton Campaign
  • many more

In recent past, former long term CNN Anchors have reported being fired for their moderate or conservative positons. CNN disproportionately  maintains liberal anchors and does not provide objective journalism or conservative anchors to balance their massive number of liberal anchors.

Here is a snipet of CNN’s home page:




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