The DNC and liberal media (ABC, NBC, CNN & the rags (Huffington Post, etc) attempted to drum up scandels during the RNC event last week in Cleveland.

In good spirit, a leader board has been set up to start tracking the drama in this weeks DNC convention in Philadelphia.  We are already off to a GREAT start and the convention hasn’t kick-off yet.

7/22 – Bernie Sanders protesters apply for 90% of the protest permits in Philadelphia and plan to protest at multiple locations. Mad about not getting permit in front of convention center for 40K protestors.

7/23 – Wiki Leads release 25K approx. DNC Emails to public

7/23 – Bernie Sanders ask supporters to host a “Fart-In” at the DNC Event

7/24 – DNC High Value Donor Personal Information Leaked (Names, SSN, etc)

7/24 – Debbie Wasserman Schultz Removed As Democratic Convention Chair. Plan to resign after the DNC Convention.

7/25 – Bernie Sanders Supports boo Hillary and Schulz to “Lock Her Up”

7/26 – Bernie Sanders flip-flops and supports Hillary, Bernie supporters outraged and locked-out of convention floor so they couldn’t protest the vote. Bernie Sanders delivers final confirmation vote for Hillary.

7/26 – No American flags on the stage

7/27- Illegals speak at convention instead of being arrested.

7/27 – A few dismal flags added to stage after Trump highlighted the issue.

7/28 – Black Lives Matter Interrupt a moment of silence for fallen police officers. Mothers of criminals present at the DNCs Party of Evil convention.

7/28 – Unicorns & rainbow speech by Hillary, but no substance on addressing real issues or track record demonstrating or delivering anything (both as a Senator or  Secretary of state). View her past to see her future. Any American can’t believe a pathological liar.


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