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y: Rick Sanchez

I really should know better. I brought this upon myself. I was bored; I was on the Internet, read something and became really irritated. Happens more often than I’d like to admit.

It’s kind of like falling asleep on the couch watching golf on a Sunday afternoon, or eating too much popcorn at the movies. Some things — are just inevitable.

What’s my Internet irritant? It’s none other than Gene Simmons. The singer, oh excuse me, one of the singers of the rock group KISS who, while promoting yet another reality show and a tour of his band, decided to lambaste immigrants and tell them to “learn goddamn English.” Gee, thanks Dr. Love.

People who did not speak English have helped build this country. The French in Louisiana, the Spanish in Florida, Scandinavians in Minnesota and Asians in California have all created cultural success stories while assimilating at their own pace.

– Rick Sanchez

Oh, it gets better, Gene Simmons (who was born Chaim Witz) moved to the U.S. when he was eight years old, and had no problem learning English. He actually brags about it as if it’s some great feat. Note to Gene Simmons: every single eight-year-old who came to the U.S. over the course of the last … oh let’s say 250 years … has also probably learned to speak English.

So Gene, what’s your point? Oh, I get it. You’re trying to create a straw man; but really, an eight-year-old straw man? Really? What else makes you better than other immigrants, being able to count with your fingers?

OK, here are some basic facts for xenophobes and people like Simmons who try and ingratiate themselves with xenophobes by making braggadocios, overweening and priggish statements not based on fact.

According to a Princeton University study conducted by Douglas Massey, English has never been seriously threatened as the dominant language in America, nor is it under threat today. In fact, the demise of Spanish in America is much more certain and is already occurring within 3rd and 4th generation Latinos.

Oh, and as for immigrants today being different from immigrants from the past? Bull cocky! Researchers James Salmon of the University of Wisconsin and Miranda Wilkerson of Columbia University compared today’s Spanish-speaking immigrant communities to early German-speaking communities and found that today’s immigrants learn English much faster than Europeans.

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