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After 9/11, it was difficult to convince people that Islam was not a peaceful religion.  Defenders of Islam said that the attacks such as those on 9/11 were the result of a few extremists.  Some liberals even went so far as to equate Islam to Christianity.  After all, while Islam had the 9/11 hijackers, Christianity had its own extremists such as Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh.  Their argument rested on the American value of not judging a group by the actions of a few individuals and the good-hearted American people were willing to give Islam the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately, recent events in the Middle East, especially in Iraq, have demonstrated the error of such benevolent thinking and the difference between the violence committed by Islam and the violence that is done in by Christians.


In 1914, as historian Max Hastings writes, both sides committed atrocities against civilians, crimes against enemy soldiers, and other actions “unworthy of a civilized society.”  The difference is that the crimes committed by Allied (French/Belgian/British) soldiers were done on a local level and by small groups of individual soldiers.  More importantly, such actions were roundly condemned by the civilian and military leadership as well as the populations of all Allied nations.  As a result, those who committed such crimes found themselves as pariahs in their own armies and often facing criminal charges.  For the Germans, atrocities were not only seen as a regrettable and unavoidable product of modern warfare, but was considered an acceptable tactic to be used to control the populations of occupied land.  As such, Germans turned a blind eye to the atrocities committed by their soldiers on innocent Belgian and French civilians.  Additionally, German leadership, both civilian and military, encouraged the use of terror in order to achieve their military objectives.  In other words, the German use of atrocities was institutional; not individual as it was for the allies.


This is the difference between the violence committed by Islam and by Christians.  Christians, including the dreaded Evangelicals, strongly condemn the violent acts of other Christians.  This is especially true when innocent people are victims of such crimes.  They do not hide the perpetrators of these crimes nor do they see them as martyrs or heroes.  In fact, just like the allied soldiers who committed atrocities in 1914, their actions are reviled and the individuals are seen as pariahs; their names becoming synonymous with infamy.


Islam, on the other hand, glorifies adherents that commit atrocities in the name of Jihad.  The leadership of the faith, who are ever so vigilant of any criticism of their “peaceful” religion,



remain silent when it comes to condemning the use of terror as a tactic.  They organize protests to quash any criticism and demonize the critics as “Islamophobes.”  Yet, they claim to be incapable of doing the same when it comes to condemning the atrocities committed by their fellow Muslims.  To see the veracity of this statement all one needs to do is to compare the worldwide protest that were organized to denounce the Israeli actions in Gaza with the complete silence by the same people when it comes to the genocide being committed by their fellow Muslims in Iraq.  They cry, “What about the children of Gaza?!” while remaining silent on the massacre of Christian and Kurdish children by Muslims in Iraq. Are not all children worth protecting or is it just when they are Muslim and the perpetrators are non-believers?  I think the deafening silence coming from Muslims worldwide is providing the answer. This is because, while the majority of Muslims may not feel comfortable condoning such crimes, they are more than willing to tolerate it as an acceptable tactic of the holy war that is being waged against those who oppose the “true religion.”


It was not until ISIS started committing atrocities against the Christian and Kurdish populations of Iraq that the veil of the ‘religion of peace’ was tossed aside and the institutionalized violence and hatred of  Islam came out into the open.  For it is impossible for a few extremists to commit such atrocities on such a scale all while fighting to take over two relatively large countries; Iraq and Syria.  This can only be accomplished with the support of a global institution that funds and, more importantly, supplies men for the struggle.  And that institution is based on a hateful and violent religion of Islam.



2 thoughts on “Islam: Institutionalized Violence and Hatred

  1. It seems you lack research skills and insight into what ISIS actually is. If you stop following main stream news like a sheep, then you will realize that ISIS is a western product.

    FSA were armed in Syria to over throw ASSAD, which then was taken over by foreign fighters, supported by Saudi, Qatar,
    ( wahabism, salafism ), which became ISIS. Who, after getting no where, and infighting randomly decided they will take a huge convoy and attack IRAQ, killing SHIAS ( who happen to be also Muslims ), Christians and any other minorities who happen to stand in their way.

    Two months ago, when the Iraqis, asked for help, the media kept silent, where were people like you? Why did you not protest at the beheading, torture, rape, murder, random mass killings?, especially in Syria, supported by your western governments?. You mention the idea of humanity yet are bias towards a specific group?.

    There are countless images of both SHIA, Christians, Sunni, working and defending each others homes, churches and shrines against the Mossad led ISIS.

    Muslims do not tolerate the crimes of ISIS, if they went out to protest against Zionist terrorism, which does the same thing as ISIS, then that protest it self is against all types of oppression.
    Yes, there is a confusion within the musims majority ( sunni ), because it has been infiltrated by the Wahhabi system, which comes from the saudis. I suggest a history lesson into how this Saud tribe came into power, again another British concoction.
    ( Gertrude bell. )

    If you would like, I could site all the christian atrocities from history ( all western sources ), no difference then what ISIL are doing.

    Lets simplify.

    The ISIS were created by Zionism, their leaders are Zionists , google the evidence. Funded by the west for greater Israel.

    ISIL or ISIS follow an idea of Islam, concocted by the Saudi clerics. It is called Wahhabi or Salafism. They hate Shias and all other Islamic sects. They especially detest Shia and practically want to eradicate them. They associated a false idea, that Shiaism is created by a Jew, however historical evidence proves otherwise.

    Saudi royalty are the Najadis, they came into power by the help of Gertrude bell, a Mi5 agent. They are not Muslims, but like the Zionists have hidden themselves under the garb of Judaism. They are ancient enemies of the Abrahamic religions. The best way to destroy any system, is to infiltrate it, and cause a virus.

    Kurds are Muslims too. in the ME one of the biggest problem is tribal allegiance. it even takes precedence over religion. The kurds want their own state because of what Saddam did to them, again another western zionist stooge.

    I could write much more, but I do not have the time, as there is too much historical evidence to site.


  2. Your feedback is appreciated on the associated article. It appears your supposition is that Zionist and Christians are responsible for all the atrocities ISIS and associated Islamic groups carry out around the world.

    Granted, every religion has dark periods in the past, however in modern day beheading and crucifying children is not an acceptable practice no matter your cause.

    Since you are a scholar of Islam you know it evolved 630+ years after Christ, We could have a lengthy debate on if Islam as a cult or political ideology vs a religion, given the Old Testament & Torah make NO mention of Mohammed, yet they do make mention the coming of Christ in multiple passages and historical documents of the period.

    Additionally Islam is a religion created by man “Mohammed” and not a religion created by God. God states he is a “Just God” and provided man with “Free Will” to embrace his word, however Islam teaches.

    Quran 8:12 “I shall cast terror into the hearts of the infidels. Strike off their heads, strike off the very tips of their fingers.”

    It’s apparent that is Islam was created by a man “Mohammed” who was self servant and protectionist of his position in regards as a criminal and pedophilia.

    The Koran is a biography of Mohammed and his perverted beliefs which is verified in his own statement.

    Sura LII:24

    “And there shall wait on them [the Muslim men] young boys of their own, as fair as virgin pearls.”

    If Islam is a religion for the people, why are so many women considered subservient and treated with disregard in Islam. It is a cult created by a man for men, you tell me one woman that want’s 70 virgins in “paradise”.

    Additionally, you are correct, the western media does a horrible job covering humanitarian atrocities or the truth on Islam cult. Islam is proliferated by uneducated individuals or forced programmed on to followers around the world. Other religions allow for “Free Will”.

    If Islam is such a peaceful religion why is on 3% dedicated to peace, but 61% is on violence to non-believers?

    Why are most of the conflict areas around the world Islamic areas?

    No Fly Zones – http://wapo.st/1n5Cf5N

    If it’s only a few radicals, where are the moderates fighting against the radicals?

    Who is funding these activities around the world?


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