In an effort to stimulate open communications and enhance our education systems. Modern Voice News is taking nominations for the first annual Flat Earth Awards. The Flat Earth Awards are given to higher education universities who are CENSORING FREE SPEECH and denying an open dialog on conservative positions or merits of Creationism.

As mathematics and physics have evolved over the centuries (Newton, Einstein, String Theory, etc).. Biological and Human Ecology education remains locked into the past with stagnate and unproven hypothesis based on Darwinism. Professors teach Darwinism as if it is fact, when in fact it is NOT. There is no link between man and apes, and no proof man evolved from primordial ooze. There are so many holes in the hypothisis it’s like swiss cheese. The truth is professors and scientist have NO hard evidence on the beginning of life, just speculation.  In fact even leading Atheist recognized that that life probably didn’t begin here but somewhere else (hence Creationism). In the past, educational institutes were places to challenge believes, test hypothesis, etc, (including Darwinism), but in recent years the “Flat Earth” professors and department heads have taken over the institutions and refuse to have an open conversation/challenge on opposing views.

What is Creationism?

Creationism is the belief that the universe and all living organisms originate from specific acts of divine creation or plan. The Darwinist believe it was “dumb luck” on everything, however from the micro (nano and atoms) to the macro level  ( solar system, universe, cosmos), the systems are too perfect, organized and complex to be dump luck. Any physician will attest to the complexity of the human body and how its systems work in perfect unison from electrical, structural, chemical, etc to be dumb luck. Even today, we cannot create life, from trees to animals, we only know how to clone it.

THE CHALLENGE: Department heads and university processors are afraid to allow an opposing view against Darwinism because it lands flat on it’s face. The same is true with conservative view points, students deserve the right to hear the merits of both arguments and make up their own minds (critical thinking vs lemming learning).

How are the awards determined?

Does your university have any conservative professors on staff?
Does your university teach creationism or conservative principals, if so what?
What percentage of faculty are conservative?
How are conservative or independent thinkers embraced in your university?

Please provide the following information with your submissions.
– Name of University
– Department Head / Contact Information (Biology/Ecology/etc)
– Any additional examples/thoughts/feedback on views being repressed

Send submissions to flatearth@modernvoice.org

Additional information maybe requested, but all submission is PRIVATE.


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