The moral compass in America is broken, as top leaders lie, natural as breathing, every time they speak. The lefties create terms like “Pro-Choice” for abortions vs calling it “Pro-Death” for the action of killing a baby to appear more palatable. The ridiculous concepts of gay marriage, what’s next bestiality unions, pedophile partnerships, or another unnatural abomination. As society becomes more dependent on government support and services our moral compass will continue to decay as government doesn’t have morality. This has been assured by the full frontal assault on religion and God through-out government and the court systems in America.

The Economist.com presented an article on the “Our Great Moral Decline” in 2012 highlighting the key contributors to the sliding American values system (View Article). This trend appears to be accelerating, in 1996 the Cato Institute provided an in-depth analysis on the “Rise of Government and the Decline of Morality” highlighting key reasons for the slide.

Cato sited: “The growth of government has politicized life and weakened the nation’s moral fabric. Government intervention—in the economy, in the community, and in society—has increased the payoff from political action and reduced the scope of private action. People have become more dependent on the state and have sacrificed freedom for a false sense of security” – (View Report)

What is the solution?

It’s not simple, but a multi-pronged approach:

– Reinforce the benefits of traditional marriage to children. History has shown for 1000s of years this is the strongest bond for families and building communities.

– Restructure public school system – bring God and biblical teachings back into the classrooms (the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world). Today anti-god zealots control the public school system and constantly harass every institute of American society to abandon their belief system. This is a mistake,

George Washington said:

“While just government protects all in their religious rights,

true religion affords to government its surest support”

The public school system in the United States originated in New England to teach children how to read their Bibles instead of interpretations by the government “Church of England”, so the public school system has a foundation in biblical teachings from its inception and is a misnomer the bible doesn’t belong in the classroom.

– Elect leaders with moral and ethical grace – “walk the walk: vs “talk the talk”

– Stop adoption of children by non-traditional unions. This proliferates a warped ideology onto children.

– Break up media conglomerates monopolies to drive more independent thinking. Re-implement FCC regulation policies from the 70/80s about ownership. Stand on moral ground like “Chick Filet” and not advertise or promote networks that area anti-sematic.

America’s greatness originates from over 200+ years of doing what is right, guided by Jedao and Christian values in our policies, laws and beliefs. A review of history will determine our inevitable outcome when liberal ideologies trump conservative moral values. Liberals require conservative structure and discipline to afford the ability to exercise their beliefs on society but only liberal ideology is needed to tear them down a country (everything is free, no accountability, eugenics is good, decay of the traditional family, gross spending, etc). God fearing Americans need to step-up and participate in politics, school boards, and judicial processes to regain lost grown and prevent the downward spiral and separation of God from our country.


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