The current U.S. immigration policies work for “LEGAL” immigration into the United States. The current process provides prospective citizens time to become naturalized and legalized into U.S. culture and society while allowing the U.S. a vetting period to determine if the immigrant is going to contribute to society.

These individuals and groups crying for immigration reform are truly seeking amnesty and unfettered access to U.S. citizen’s rights and benefits with no naturalization process or requirements to become citizens. America is a melting pot of cultures, but there has to be a process to ensure the “American” culture remains intact and is not supplanted by another culture’s belief on how America “should be”. The reason America has survived for 200+ years is because of the “One Nation Under God” idea. Wide open borders will break down nationalism and sense of unity.

As seen in the 2003-2008 period, when the economy went into a recession, immigrants were leaving the U.S. in droves for home countries like rats leaving a ship, no national pride, just a paycheck. This is why we have immigration policies, to ensure citizens are in for the long haul good or bad.

America needs to enforce the current laws on the books. If the federal administration will not honor these laws, the states have the right to protect their citizens under “State’s Rights” and go it alone or with other states.


Facts about neighboring countries illegal immigration policies:

Mexico’s Policies:

– Illegal Entry into Mexico is a felony and punishable by 2 years in prison

– Evading deportation is a serious crime

– Re-entry into the country after deportation is punishable by 10 years in prison


Canada’s Policies

– Fines and imprisonment for up to 6 months

– Deportation of whole family

– No access to public funds or free healthcare

– Repeat offenders – 500,000 fine and up to 5 years in prison

– $500 per day for fines


Venezuela’s Policies

  • Some counties such as Venezuela don’t have readily available policies, but in the past have rounded up thousands of Columbians and deported them back to Columbia while burning their houses in Venezuela to ensure they don’t return. This policy is much more extreme than any American policy.

When leftist groups cry “human rights violations” for disallowing illegal residents into the US, they need to refer to countries like Somalia for real human rights violations or Iraq for Christian massacre by ISIS. The immigrants have “Free Will” to breach the U.S. borders in an UNLAWFUL act.  American should treat them as criminals in this UNLAWFUL act. The leftist response is “but they are children”. Parents have responsibility for their children, not the government. The United States needs to send a clear message to foreign countries on the consequences of illegal entry. A clear position will curb this massive humanitarian crisis caused by bad policies from the Obama administration. American is not a life boat for the rest of the world, but a “Beacon of Hope” if you follow our laws for legal entry.


What can states do to counter federal complacency and incompetence?

Amnesty is not an option!

This is where “State Rights” can trump federal impotence. The U.S. has seen a gross abuse and lawless actions by the Obama administration. Which include releasing of 100’s of hardened illegal criminals prior to sequestration, violating the US Constitution on 3 difference occasions, selective enforcing laws and much more under Department of Justice. This is where State Governors can make a difference!

Step 1: Governors are responsible for the National Guard in their states. They “call-out” the Guard to protect the welfare of their states including the border. The Guard could leverage “Heat Rays” or “Active Denial Sound Systems” to deter illegals from crossing the border. Any Illegal that crosses is treated as a trespasser and detained for the local county Sherriff. Make it a local law enforcement issue, not I.C.E. or U.S. Border Patrol. Too many times the Obama administration has released or hidden illegals after custody from I.C.E./U.S. Border Patrol. The I.C.E./U.S. Border Patrol are solid Americans, but their hands are tied by the Obama Administration.

County Sheriffs could deputize specific guard members and not violate any federal laws for detaining illegals, as officers of the state.  These detainees would be presented with two options.

Option 1: Cited, recorded, finger printed and fined for trespassing and held in outdoor camp to be prosecuted as a flight risk and sentenced.

Option 2: Cited, recorded, finger printed and released to return to the original location of origin by an officer at the border. If repeat offender, they will be incarcerated and assigned to work crews to help on securing the border projects.  Upon completing their task, returned to country of origin by officers.

The recorded information will be placed into an interstate computer system (not run by Federal Government) to track re-entry in other areas across the borders. This system can also be used by employers to subvert federal hiding of illegals and report illegals in the workplace. The Obama administration will not be in office forever and this system can start building a list of candidates for extradition in the near future.

Note: Minors will be managed by State controlled Department of Health and Human Services to be returned to their country of original via commercial airline flight or train within the week of arrival, no hearing because they are trespassers, not illegals. Embassy officials will be notified with airline information, pictures and details. It’s the specific countries responsibility for handling the children on their end.


Step 2: Governors in border status work to continue construction on the national fence along US border without federal funding. Funding can be obtained through the following means:

Option 1: Divert federal money from existing social programs to the states to fund activities.

Option 2: Create a special bond to secure the border in the state funded by citizens.

Option 3: Re-purpose immigrant detainees and inmates to assist in labor activities and offset cost for building the fence. National Guard can assist in supervision during the process.

Option 4: Create a state toll at all border crossing to fund building the fence. The massive amount of traffic through the borders would pay for itself and N.A.F.T.A. would not apply as it’s a state initiative.


Step 3: Governors need to create collateral brochures in Spanish to be sent to the foreign embassies and community groups in Venezuela, Honduras, Mexico, Columbia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, etc. to state what is waiting if you attempt to cross the border in their state. This would divert border crossing activities to less enforced states and keep the US State Department busy. Let the State Department earn their money and deal with any political backlash for complacency.


What can a citizen do?

US Citizens have more power than they recognize. Contact your local Governor’s office and ask them to support and implement these policies above publically along with your state representatives (House, Senate) both local and federal. Reach out to local sheriffs along the border to detain illegals under trespassing laws and not turn them over to I.C.E./U.S. Border Patrol. If the National Guard and county sheriffs close the gaps they can stop this tide of traffic and reclaim the US borders. Use the system against the Obama administration.

Additionally share this proposal across social media (Facebook/Twitter) and recruit groups like Minute Men, Tea Party, R.N.C. community groups in your state to lobby support and drown out special interest and liberal propaganda for weakening America.


Contact Information for Governors:

California Governor’s Office – https://govnews.ca.gov/gov39mail/mail.php

Arizona Governor’s Office – http://www.azgovernor.gov/contact.asp

Texas Governor’s Office – http://governor.state.tx.us/

New Mexico’s Office – http://www.governor.state.nm.us/contact_the_governor.aspx


Current Use Immigration Laws:



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